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Monday, January 3, 2011

Facebook Galore

Yes, that's the latest mantra these days. From mobile phones, to chat applications everyone seems to be singing laurels of "Facebook".. In India, it has gone to such a level, that very soon you would probably see a day when they run "Facebook enabled autos and buses" even !.
Every mobile manufacturer seems to have Facebook as his first priority. No one these days says this phone has this, that etc., but the first thing they say is "Stay connected on FB" buy our mobile. Which makes me wonder, are they selling their products by advertising its own unique capabilities, or just basking under the glory of Facebook...!
That actually makes me think, what is there so much in Facebook that makes all these people go crazy !
Well, its just another social networking site, which managed to conveniently encourage "orkut" another social networking site, to commit suicide ! These days the only memories of my orkut account are due to the fact that once in a while, orkut kicks of e-mails about some happenings in the profiles of my friends.
Facebook sure has managed to take over the fascination of the average Indian, who seems to want a piece of anything and everything. The one big unique thing about Facebook has been this ability to have group conversations, which makes it more interesting.
Oh dont worry, I am not here to talk of the "Pros and Cons" of Facebook nor am I a critic who is doing a product review.
Its a mad rush, today its mobile phones, tomorrow it may even be televisions and the satellite televisions. Dont be surprised if you see a day when the satellite television providers like tata sky or airtel or reliance advertise to you saying, "Ours is the only service wherein you can watch your favorite channels and also stay connected with your friends on Facebook"...

Kudos facebook, you have managed to create a revolution and in the process helped everyone earn their itsy-bitsy profit and make some quick bucks ;-)

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  1. Very true. The application "Facepad" is getting released now to enable users stay connected using Facebook on iPad.

    Facebook has become the trend!

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