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Lemme keep it simple.. I am what I am.. but for you to form your own version of what I am, you gotta figure out what I am.. and for that you prolly might need to waste some time trying to do that.. but is it all worth the effort... well I dont know.. I leave that to you ! Lot of people in this world are deprived of all that they are eligible, but are still happy with what has been left back... and then there are this other set of people who are blessed with all that one can possibly imagine, but then they arent happy, because they are so worried about figuring out, if they were deprived of something...I fall in the first category, take one day at a time, have plans for the next 4 hours in your life and if you made it safe to your bed that day, without any problems, without any major set backs and with a joy that to someone somewhere, you did do a little something, well, then to me, I lived one more day fruitfully...Ah, too much of philosophy aint it... but that's the way I like it... I would want to be a hero in life, but then again I guess "All heroes become a bore at last"... So I guess I will just be the ordinary person in life, who still can stand out extra ordinary ofcourse...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Do I or Do I not, is it ethically right...what happens to all those unknown fears of internet privacy... what will people say.. will I be caught whiling away time.. gosh..the list just seemed endless.. until today..I decided.. yup.. its time to refresh my typing skills.. time to see if I can once again write essays after essays.. and still make sense.. (all those official emails that I sent to people.. most of the recipients complained.. dude.. you write long emails..).. its time to start BLOGGING...
At this moment of great personal triumph.. (.. tears of joy are actually trickling down my cheeks..).. ok ok.. I was only trying to get a bit melodramatic... I would like to say... woooo-hoooo... "Yabbba Dabbaaaa Doooooo" i started blogging as well....
And among a bunch of other people.. the top two that come into my mind, who convinced me, yup.. I should go ahead and commit the heinous crime of boring people to "Instant Death" by starting to blog... are Sakina... and my buddy Ashish.. !!


  1. Finally....welcome to the blogger club..:)

  2. So now u r not gonna send long emails ..lol :P