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Lemme keep it simple.. I am what I am.. but for you to form your own version of what I am, you gotta figure out what I am.. and for that you prolly might need to waste some time trying to do that.. but is it all worth the effort... well I dont know.. I leave that to you ! Lot of people in this world are deprived of all that they are eligible, but are still happy with what has been left back... and then there are this other set of people who are blessed with all that one can possibly imagine, but then they arent happy, because they are so worried about figuring out, if they were deprived of something...I fall in the first category, take one day at a time, have plans for the next 4 hours in your life and if you made it safe to your bed that day, without any problems, without any major set backs and with a joy that to someone somewhere, you did do a little something, well, then to me, I lived one more day fruitfully...Ah, too much of philosophy aint it... but that's the way I like it... I would want to be a hero in life, but then again I guess "All heroes become a bore at last"... So I guess I will just be the ordinary person in life, who still can stand out extra ordinary ofcourse...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mundane Journey to Bread and Butter...

First official confession I should admit.. Its about a drive.. Just incase you wondered.. whats with the drive dude !! Well, lets admit, everyone hates going to office.. wherein you swim through traffic jams... get into verbal duels at times with fellow swimmers of the same jam... do a bit of schumi stunts to cross the signal before it goes red.. we all am sure in a way recite the famous nursery rhyme "Fire in the mountain, run run run" in our very own way.. in this most important daily journey to the place which gives you your pay check.."Your Office.." ..

Well my journey to work is a bit different.. maybe I am blessed enough or maybe I am getting too old to hurry up or maybe.. just maybe I dont care too much.. I leave that to your figments of rationality... Well a typical journey to work starts of with me putting on my cherished "Pin-Ball" jacket..( yup..I bought one very recently in Bangalore and am so obsessed with it that I wear it even in the scorching sun..lol..) put on my coolers... (kind a always makes me feel as if I am Mr. Kamal Hassan from the movie Vettayadu Vilayadu.. dont ask me why..) and then waking up the "Civilized Beast". Incase you were wondering what on the earth is this "Civilized Beast"..that's my two wheeled car..my Honda Activa.. its his pet name.. I christened him so..lol..

A typical journey starts off like every other journey..first you walk through traffic snarls and then as I drive deeper into the famous get-away road of Chennai.. viz., ECR..its then I start cherishing the drive.. you dont have traffic signals..unless and until you voluntarily had to slow down to take a quickie looksie at that girl in the bus stop waiting for her TCS chartered service to show up, or were to be cut out by the road romeos of chennai.."Share Autos".. Cool breeze hits your face, you zoom past on the ECR, and as you drive, you get to see a variety of sights.. ranging from "the regulars" wanting to get their daily morning quotas at the TASMAC, to neatly clad "Professionals" waiting for their rides at the designated bus stops.. cows lazying around on the road as if saying "ummm..wassup doc" (Bugs Bunny style).. and not to exclude the speeding pulsarians...

Everyday I get to challenge a few Swifts and City's and zoom past them as they honk and break thanks to our Share autos, while I whizz away in the little gaps..I get to respect the authentic Licensed to Kill Government buses who arent that soft, as their horns might sound..and if lucky I even get to race one or two pretty faces, who are enjoying the drive as well, in their scooty pep's or their Hero Honda Pleasure's or even a fellow Activa..
Today I was lucky enough to spot a Fiat Punto.. I have never seen one up close and just as I was getting all thrilled to take a closer look at this one while I drove.. this dude just zoomed past me.. and before I could say "All hail mogambo" he was gone.. no where in sight.. !
After starting from home and driving for almost 15 minutes is when I reach the famous VGP resorts, wherein the sights are almost the same exact everyday... I always get to see a small crowd posing in front of the weather beaten Elephant heads and camera's clicking away to all glory.. while a speeding love smitten pair, zoom away to their escape land (it could be Mahabs or Kovalam or any other place.. I havent a clue as to where do these guys go anyway..) and then you see the enforcers of law.. our own Chennai City Traffic Police.. busy with catching the speeding youngsters not because they are concerned..because probably their Sub Inspector told them.. "I dont care what you do, today your target is 20 cases by noon".. lol.. which makes me realise.. God ! Everyone has deadlines.. As I drive further, and near the "Ignite" car workshop, my bike slows down automatically.. nah.. I didnt run out of petrol, but its the regular supplies refilling stop.. time to buy a few cancer sticks.. afterall a wise man is one who is prepared for the day, they say.. !!

The final leg of the journey is when I drive through the new Kalaignar Karunanidhi Salai.. join back the OMR.. to reach my source of Bread and Butter.. Office.. !!!

Now that's what I call a Journey to office..


  1. a 2 km drive exaggerated in a 4 km long post? hehe
    good one

  2. krishna ,
    u are A born winner.. just two days and have 24 visits (hope u never did 20 urself..)welcome and lucky are those guys to have been quoted by u ..and i look forward to many of ur ramblings and u know am ur ardent fan..
    keep koluthufying man